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Attract more clients with marketing coach Charlie Cook

Over the last two decades Charlie has focused on giving people like you the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in marketing and managing their businesses.

His consulting career was launched in 1985 when he began working with companies that included both Fortune 500 companies such as AETNA, AT&T, GTE, and Pitney Bowes as well as mid-sized companies like Citizens Utilities and Hartford Steam Boiler, consulting firms and entrepreneurs. Past and present clients Charlie has done marketing for include Fortune, Hemispheres and Forbes magazines.

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Thousands of copies of his training manuals have been bought and used by executives, managers and trainers at hundreds of companies as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Merck, Chevron, IBM and Boeing.

During the formative years of the internet, Charlie wrote one of the early guides to web marketing. The culmination of his early internet work was the creation, marketing and sale of one of his web sites to ZDNet, the largest technology content provider on the internet. His reference web site “Searchiq.com” was featured on National Public Radio, in “Fast Company” magazine, as well as in “USA Today” and ranked in the top 100 web sites by “PC Magazine.”

Charlie’s marketing articles have been widely published in both online and print publications. He is a monthly columnist for Sales and Service Excellence and Money n’ Profits magazines as well as being reguarly published in dozens of other marketing journals.

Charlie is constantly identifying and testing marketing ideas and sharing the proven strategies with his coaching clients. Using these marketing strategies, one of Charlie’s partners sold $1.5 million dollars of advertising in 2001 with just three phone calls. A management consulting firm Charlie coached grew their business by 40% in 2002 when discretionary spending was down and most consulting firms were hurting for business.