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Internet-based Organizations

Look for a group or professional organisation that is interested with in solutions you have to offer if you are in the field of your profession. Professional associations with an online presence are listed in a well-organized directory.

International Network for Business

The largest referral network in the world. However, given how many wealthy and successful people pay for membership, it must be worth it. Each profession is limited to one member of the local chapter at a time. Sharing ideas, contacts, and most importantly, transfers is made possible.

Members are expected provide the referrals to others and have the opportunity to promote their own offerings. Look for a chapter in your area. There’s a good chance there’s one near you. Otherwise, they can assist you in establishing one. A few networking groups are better than none at all, and this is definitely one of them.

Friendship Group

This networking group, which is affiliated to Fast Company Magazine, has both an online and local presence. Depending on the speaker, local meetings can attract a wide range of service professionals, as well as some corporate members.


A mashup of professional networking and good times with friends. If you’re looking for a networking event that’s both fun and productive, this one is for you. Try it out.

Associations of Professionals and Businesses in the United States

Take advantage of opportunities to network with other professionals in your field, or present your solutions at professional gatherings. A searchable catalogue with relevant ties to the websites of over 35,000 targeted associations is available. As long as you don’t forget to scroll bottom of the page, you can find your search results just below fold on your monitor.


Social platform based in the United Kingdom. Offers a slew of tools and resources for building a professional network on the internet. Use Ecademy’s interactive internet network and attend networking events in order to meet new people and gain new perspectives.

Entreprenuers Under 40 (EYP) is an acronym for

Central Florida-based membership-based organisation providing services to members locally and nationally. They are experts in resume writing, job search tactics, and fostering professional connections among the nation’s burgeoning workforce.

What You Think You Know Is Wrong

INWYK helps you build, build, but also manage someone online network of professional, personal, and educational contacts so that you can rise to the top.

Associations of American Business and Industry

You can purchase a hard copy of these association directory here if you prefer a more comprehensive version. This directory includes every known professional association, first from Abrasive Grain Association toward the Trailer Hitch Manufacturers’ Association to more well-known organisations like the AMA.

In most libraries, you can find it in the reference section, and then you can order it immediately from Columbia Books. It’s the networking bible.


Networking and business opportunities for young professionals also in 18 places close or in major cities. After some time for business networking, attendees can hit up some of the city’s best nightclubs. Remember, no slacks or sneakers are allowed on the property. A line must be drawn if you are to present a professional image.)

Building a Professional Network

It’s an online networking gathering for high achievers looking to expand their business and gain new clients. Connecting with those other professionals is a great way to focus your networking efforts.


Powermingle NetworkTM matches people into different contexts: at incidents such as international trade shows, expositions, and conferences, as well as online.


With a few chapters and events in major cities, you can build a strong online network. In order to connect with other people, you must first sign up for a free account.

Toasted Toastmasters Worldwide

This isn’t solely a networking group. Allows budding speakers a chance to enhance their public speaking skills and network with others in the industry.

Jaycees of the United States of America

Anyone in the range of 21-39. Provides a platform for personal and professional growth. Join a group of people who have the same goals as you and a desire to make a difference in the world. Several former presidents of the United States and other notable figures have been members.

Networking via the Internet

Members of online discussion groups, whether they’re focused on banking or skiing, are usually eager to help and connect newcomers. Many genuine and helpful people can be found online, and you can capacity includes networking relationships.